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Endangered Metals

Metal Forecast to Run Out Industrial Uses Environmental and Social Impact Market Price Created by QR
Aluminum 2139 Construction, transportation, cooking Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons a main source of air pollution $1.11/lb Yes
Antimony 2022 Flame retardant materials, micro-capacitators A main source of pollution of the Yangtze river in China $2.58/lb  
Cobalt 2120 Lithium-ion batteries Contributes to lung and pulmonary diseases $19.25/lb Yes
Copper 2030 Electric wiring, currency, alloys, pigments, circuit boards Sierra Club is suing EPA for lax control of toxic copper smelter air emissions $4.34/lb Yes
Gallium 2017 LEDs, semiconductors, and other electronics A major pollutant of groundwater in Taiwan where computers and cell phones are made $239/lb  
Germanium Rare earth restricted Fiber optics A key source of electronic waste in China $1300/lb Yes
Gold 2025 Jewerly, dentistry, currency Financial crises; a conflict metal in Africa $1555/ounce Yes
Hafnium 2017 Computer chips Extremely toxic, compounds linked to liver, brain, kidney disorders $398/lb  
Indium 2020 LCDs for computer monitors, TVs, cell phones, cameras, GPS, watches A major source of electronic waste $285/lb  
Iron 2087 Manufacturing, transportation Coke and steel production are a main source of global air and water pollution $.09/lb Yes
Lead 2030 construction, batteries, shielding Toxic paint and pipes leads to lead poisoning and learning problems $1.20/lb  
Neobium Scarce Microcapacitators, ferroalloys, jet engines World's largest deposits in Brazil threaten the Amazon rain forest $21.00/lb  
Neodymium Rare earth, restricted by China Permanent magnets, laser technology, hybrid vehicles China controls 90% of the market and has restricted exports. Rare earth mining is a major cause of contamination of rice fields in China $179/lb; prices doubled in 3 weeks in 2011  
Nickel 2048 Alloys, plating metals A major source of pollution on the Norway $10.62/lb Yes

Russian region

Metal Forecast to Run Out Industrial Uses Environmental and Social Impact Market Price Created by QR
Palladium 2023 Catalytic converters and seawater desalination Major cause of road toxic road tunnel dust, sewage sludge, and dental effluent $770/ounce Yes
Platinum 2022 Catalytic converters, fuel cells, wedding rings It takes 10 tons of ore to produce 1 ounce. Major source of pollution in South Africa


Scandium Scarce Alloys, fuel cells, spacecraft A by product of uranium mining in Russia 4-10 times price of gold Yes
Silver 2017 Ornaments, jewelry, tableware, coins Major source of mercury pollution during processing


Tantalum 2038 Cellphones, surgical instruments, implants Workplace hazard in China, a main conflict metal in Central Africa $80.00/lb  
Terbium 2012 Fluorescent light bulbs A rare earth metal that contributes to electronic waste $227/lb  
Tin 2028 Alloys, steel, cans, solder A conflict metal leading to African strife $11.95/lb Yes
Zinc 2037 Galvanize steel, batteries, pennies Toxicity forced evacu- ation of Pitcher, OK $1.04/lb  

Endangered Energy Sources

Fuel Forecast to Run Out Industrial Uses Environmental and Social Impact Market Price Created by QR
Petroleum 2050

Industry, heating, transportation, pharmaceuticals, agriculture

Major source of global conflict; oil spills; political corruption


Algoline® Fuel in development
Natural Gas 2072 Industry, heating Hydrofracking has polluted many regions $4.27/mmBTU  
Coal 2158 Industry, heating Up to 7000 miners die each year in China $.21/lb  

Sources: New Scientist, Wall Street Journal, SOS-Planete, London Metal Exchange, COMEX, and other forecasts