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ICCF-17 Abstract:

Anomalous Metals in Electrified Vacuum

Edward Esko

Quantum Rabbit LLC, USA, edwardesko@gmail.com

In a study funded by the New Energy Foundation and conducted at Quantum Rabbit (QR) lab in Owls Head, Maine, on September 27, 2011, independent analysis by inductively coupled plasma spectroscopy (ICP) of test samples revealed the anomalous appearance of potassium (K) at 181 ppm (parts per million) and gold (Au) at 252 ppm. The vacuum discharge test employed a copper cathode, pure lithium and sulfur test material, and a pure copper anode at the center of which a pure lead insert had been pressed. Scientific grade neon was added to the vacuum tube to strike plasma, followed by a catalyst of pure oxygen.

comparison of 2011 2009 experiments
*Certificate of Analysis provided by Alfa Aesar; value for K in quartz tube provided by M & M Glassblowing.
**ICP Analysis by New Hampshire Materials Laboratory.

The 2011 test followed a test conducted at the QR lab in Owls Head on July 30, 2009, and described in my paper "Anomalous Metals in Electrified Vacuum." [1] In the 2009 test, a lead insert was pressed into a copper anode. A copper cathode was inserted into one end of the vacuum tube, followed by pure lithium and sulfur test material. The lead-tipped anode was then inserted, the tube pumped down to vacuum, and pure oxygen admitted to approximately 3.5 torr. An electric arc was struck and a glow discharge with the characteristic color of lithium was produced. ICP analysis of test samples revealed the anomalous presence of germanium (Ge) at 3596 ppm; potassium (K) at 750 ppm; and gold (Au) at 174 ppm. Aside from possible minute traces listed in the Certificates of Analysis of several test components, none of the anomalous metals was introduced into the experiment. The appearance of anomalous metals in these experiments confirms earlier findings [2] and raises the possibility of low energy transmutations or LENR.

[1] Esko, Edward, "Anomalous Metals in Electrified Vacuum," Infinite Energy, vol. 17, no. 99, pp. 12-15, 2011.
[2] Esko, Edward and Jack, Alex, Cool Fusion, 1st edition, Amber Waves, Becket, Mass., USA, pp. 61-118, 2011.