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An East West Partnership

Michio Kushi (center), Dr. Mahadeva Srinivasan, (to his left), Midori Kushi (to his right), Alex Jack (left), and Edward Esko (right).

Michio and Midori Kushi, Edward Esko, and Alex Jack, the founders of Quantum Rabbit International (QRI), recently met with Dr. Mahadeva Srinivasan, the former associate director of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in India, to discuss their project to find a permanent solution to the problem of nuclear waste.

Dr. Srinivasan, a prominent physicist and expert on low energy nuclear reactions (LENR), is spearheading the introduction of QRI technology to associated labs in India, Russia, and the United States as part of a global research effort.

As described in The Philosopher's Stone by Michio Kushi (OPW Press, 1994) and Cool Fusion (Amber Waves, 2011) by Edward Esko and Alex Jack, clean, sustainable new technologies may be able to transmute heavy, unstable radioactive elements such as cesium-137, plutonium-239, and uranium-235 into lighter, less dangerous, and benign non-radioactive elements such as bismuth-209.

QRI has received a grant from the New Energy Foundation to conduct further tests this autumn at its laboratory in Owls Head, Maine. Earlier experiments conducted by the QR research team and published in Infinite Energy confirmed that atomic fusion and fission were taking place at low temperatures and pressures.